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Attendance at school is essential to good progress. For this reason the government now require
all schools to achieve an overall attendance figure of 97%.

New Guidelines

As from September 2015 the government has set new statutory guidelines regarding absence from school. Any child who is absent for more than 10% of their schooling will be considered by Saddleworth School, the Local Education Authority and the government to be a ‘Persistent Absentee’.

These new statutory guidelines apply to all schools.

What does this mean as a parent?

  • It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure a child attends school every day, and doesn’t have more than 10% absence.
  • If your child has had a single incidence of illness or medical condition a doctor’s note should be provided where possible.
  • You should only take your child out of school for a family holiday if you have written authorisation from the Head Teacher, this will only be given in exceptional circumstances, ordinarily family holidays will not be authorised.
  • Where parents take their child out of school for an unauthorised holiday a fine will automatically be imposed by the Local Education Authority on the 5th day of absence. This includes when a child is taken out of school on more than one occasion during the school year when the total number of days reaches 5.
  • You should ensure that medical/dental appointments are made outside of school hours.

What does 10% Absence look like?

There are two sessions each day, that count towards 1 days attendance mark
If your child has more than 10% absence and cannot provide suitable medical evidence or you have taken a family holiday without permission, your child could be considered to be a Persistent Absentee and they may be referred to the Local Education Authorities School Attendance Service.

What happens if a child is referred to the LEA’S School Attendance Service?
The parent[s] or legal guardian of the child may be subject to;

  • Penalty Notice Warning Letter
  • A fine
  • Court proceedings

At Saddleworth School we want to support all families and children to ensure that no child becomes classed as a Persistent Absentee, to enable this to happen we expect;

  • All students to have at least 95% or above attendance.
  • No students to have holidays during term time without written authority from the Headteacher.
  • All students to be in school by 8.40am. ready to start lessons at 8.45am. Any pupils who arrive after the morning registers are closed will be recorded as having an unauthorised absence for the morning session in question.
  • No students to have medical or dental appointments during the school day.
  • Any proposed absences in term time are requested in writing to the Attendance Team, Mrs D Dorobat and Mrs L Lewis, two weeks in advance.
  • That if your child is absent due to a medical condition that a doctor’s note is provided to the Attendance Officer.
  • If your child is ill they make every effort to come into school, if they are too ill to be in school then the school is contacted on the first day of their absence.

Attendance at school is essential to good progress. For this reason the government now require all school’s to achieve an overall attendance figure of 97%. We are committed to achieving and exceeding this target as we understand the impact poor attendance has on our pupils.

To achieve these new target figures and to prevent any students falling within the new guidelines for persistent absentees the co-operation of parents is essential.

If you would like further guidance on any matters concerning this please click on the links provided to the relevant documents on the council Website - Changes in Attendance Regulations | Term-time Absence Fact Sheet

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