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Daily Routine

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Mein Alltag Vocabulary. A sheet for pupil exercise books containing basic 'daily routine' vocabulary. Click here. (CCA)

Alltagsroutine. A worksheet encouraging pupils to re-write the text and change the text from the 1st person into the 3rd person. Click here. (CCA)

Reflexive Verbs Quiz. A sheet encouraging pupils to answer questions regarding reflexive verbs. Click here. (JRU)


Powerpoint & Smart Notebook

Daily Routine. An introduction to daily routine vocabulary. Click here. For a more extended set of slides click here. (CCA)

Alltagsroutine Tenses & Questions. Slides containing questions encouraging pupils to use tenses regarding daily routine. Click here. (CCA)

Ein typischer Schultag. A slide containing a reading comprehension. Click here. (CCA)


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