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We will endeavour to answer all queries within a 24 hour period. If your request is of a more urgent nature please contact the school office on: 01457 872 072.

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Teachers strive to establish partnerships with parents to support student learning. Strong communication is fundamental to this partnership and to build a sense of community between home and school.


Children learn best when parents and teachers work together to encourage and support them. Clear, open communication is paramount. Sharing and upholding the same values is crucial if children are to be expected to uphold the same standards at home and at school.

If there is something you are unsure about, something you would like more information on or a question you would like to ask, then please get in touch.

Obviously with a teaching commitment we will not always be able to respond immediately. We will endeavour to answer all queries within a 24 hour period and are governed by the school policy to do so within a 48 hour period. If your request is of a more urgent nature then we ask that you contact the school office on: 01457 872 072 so an appropriate person can support you.

Below is a photographic library of all of our staff as we think it is nice to be able to put a picture to a name. All staff emails are their initial, dot surname (shown under their image)

Please could we ask that when you do email that you provide as much information as possible. This will allow the member of staff to source any necessary answers or details to your enquiry before making contact.  

If you have a concern or enquiry about your child then the form teacher is your first point of contact. If the nature of this is concerning a specific subject then it would be more appropriate to contact this member of staff directly as they will be able to discuss this with you in more detail.

If the nature of this is concerning attendance, a medical issue, special educational need, finance or child protection then please could we ask that you direct this to the designated person in school. All details are shown on the contact page on the top menu bar.




Headteacher - Mr M Milburn

Associate Head - Mr D Watson

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs C Briggs

Assistant Headteacher - Mr D Casey

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs R Sunderland

Assistant Headteacher - Miss C Evans

Assistant Headteacher- Mrs L Harwood

Business Manager - Mr G Smith



Mr T Airnes

Mrs A Powell

Elaine Davies

Mr I Douglas

Mr P Kelly

Mrs K Kierans

Mr G Moule

Miss H Parr

Mr J Saxon

Mr C Taylor

Sarah Thompson


Miss S Armstrong

Mr S Attridge

Annmarie Hoey

Miss N Cotton

Miss H Clements

Miss L Flint

Miss H Hughes

Mr N Jackson

Miss J Kay (Year 8 HSL)

Mrs H Michell

Adele Millward

Susan Ravlic

Mrs T Semp

Mr R Twigg

Design and Technology

Mr N Joshi

Miss S Danby

Mrs J Healey

Mrs K Pickering

Mr I Simkins

Mr S Baines

Mr T Usher

Mrs C Tett


Mrs A Handley

Mr D Rowan

Miss C Bowskill

Miss M Garner

Mr James Horn

Mrs N Marsden

Mr C Newton

Mr G Pollard ( Year 7 HSL)

Mrs C Roberts

Dr K Roscoe

Mrs E Tiffany

Mr M Wadsworth

Linzi Wicks

Miss W Taylor

Mr M Popplewell


Kate O'Connell

Mrs J Roskin

Mr C Rose

Mr M Tighe


Miss R Muir

Mr R Meadowcroft

Mrs A Bentley

Mrs L Blezard-Downs (Year 10 HSL)

Miss M Cook (Year 11 HSL)

Mr G Melling


Mr P Smith

Mr R Sandhu

Mr S Wales

Miss S Winspear


Miss N Lees

Rachel Livingstone

Mrs L Minihan

Mr T Parkes

Emma Young


Mr H Nazir

Mrs K Turmeau


Miss S Poppleton

Mr J McMahon

Mrs B O'Leary (Year 9 HSL)

Maria Pannett

Business Studies

Miss C Dempster

Mr M Madden


Mr G Beckwith

Mrs S Pickett


Ms E Green

Health And Social Care

Mrs E Borg


Katy Leitheiser

Mrs J Coates

Mr E Hanly

Community and Operations

Mrs A Reece - Community & Operations Manager / PA to Headteacher

Mrs E Huntington

Mrs C Thompson - Cover Manager


Miss R Roberts - Business Support Manager

Mrs J Mumford-Lloyd - Attendance 

Ms S Noyes - Reception

Miss K Ormerod - First Aid

Mrs S Walker - Pastoral

Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Brooks - Assistant SENDco

Mrs M Butler

Ms N Hodkinson

Mrs C Speight

Miss Lisa Booth

Mrs D Carter

Mr K Corbett

Mr P Davies

Mrs J Davis

Mrs G Hargreaves

Mr K Harrison

Miss H Hughes

Mrs J Hughes

Mrs C Irwin

Mrs A McCarthy

Mrs P McGroarty

Miss E Sanderson

Mrs L Shaw

Mrs R Smith

Mr A Stuart

Ms L Sutherland

Support Staff

Mr G Hudson - IT Support Manager

Mr G Unsworth - IT Support (Infrastructure & hardware)

Mr M.W Shahid - IT Support (Developer)

Mr R Watling - Site Team Manager

Mr T Arundale - Site Team

Mr D Hill - Site Team

Mr N Marshall - Site Team

Mr B Ashley - Site Team

Mrs M Speakes - Catering Manager / Cleaning Manager

Mrs C Dransfield - Assistant Catering Manager

Mrs E Anderson - Catering Team

Miss J Bosher - Catering Team / Cleaning Team

Mrs C Delaney - Catering Team

Mrs C Jones - Catering Team

Miss A Longworth - Catering Team

Mrs P Morris - Catering Team

Ms D Nield - Catering Team

Mrs K O'Connor - Catering Team

Mr O Sanyang - Catering Team / Cleaning Team

Miss L Vickers - Catering Team / Cleaning Team

Mr N Walker - Catering Team

Mrs J Wood - Catering Team

Melanie Brennan - Cleaning Team

Mr G Cunningham - Cleaning Team

Mr T Debela - Cleaning Team

Miss N Jackson - Cleaning Team

Mrs T Johnson - Cleaning Team

Mr A Leonard - Cleaning Team

Support Staff

Ms T Auchterlonie - PSA Year 7

Miss S Riozzi - PSA Year 8 

Mrs L Bescoby - PSA Year 9

Mrs S Wadsworth - PSA Year 10

Mrs H Byron - PSA Year 11

Ms C Pounder - SENDco

Ms J Leach - Pupil Support Provision Coordinator 

Mrs A Brandon - Pupil Support Assistant

Miss N Grimbley - Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs K Wolfenden - Family Support Worker

Miss L Street - Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs S Gordon - Pupil Support Assistant  

Mr A Pheby - Learning Mentor - Behaviour

Mrs D Dorobat - Attendance improvement Officer

Mrs L Lewis - Attendance improvement Officer

Mrs R Hart - Curriculum Support Assistant

Mrs S Hunt - Curriculum Support Assistant

Mrs A Walsh - Curriculum Support Assistant

Mr K Murphy - Data & Assessment Strategic Manager

Mr R Lander - Exams Officer

Miss A Campbell - Finance

Mrs P Price - HR/Payroll

Miss R Duffy-Santi - Apprentice

Miss G Littley - Cleaning Team

Miss D Carvalho - Cleaning Team

Ms P Stanworth - Cleaning Team

Mrs J Webster - Cleaning Team