“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

– Pablo Picasso

We aspire for our students in Art and Photography to be enthusiastic in their learning, resilient in their approach and independent in their thoughts and ideas. Our goal is to provide students with a broad and balanced experience of the Arts in their widest sense. 

In KS3 Art, students will explore topics including portraiture, landscapes and activist Art.  They will build their skills in painting, collage, drawing and 3D processes.  Whilst studying Art at Saddleworth, students will be introduced to both contemporary and historical art figures with the hope that this inspires their own responses through their art. 

At KS4, students refine their skills and find their areas of strengths. Students start to respond to the projects with guidance and support from their teachers. Teachers will guide students towards future career opportunities and offer students an alternative way of interpreting the world around them. 

The Art curriculum will help students to understand how to develop ideas from a shared starting point.  They will explore diverse artwork from different cultures and periods in Art and learn how to express opinions using technical art language so that they can ‘speak and write like an artist’. Students will use a range of media and techniques which will build on existing skills and develop in complexity as they progress through KS3 and into KS4. 


Focus for Assessments:

  • Experimenting with media
  • Analysing artists’ work
  • Designing and planning
  • Technical skills
  • Discussion of artwork and ideas outcomes
  • Drawing for purpose
  • Developing ideas
  • Working in 3D 
  • Taking risks with processes 
  • Developing and producing final outcomes.