Saddleworth School’s Personal, Academic, Cultural Awareness & Enrichment

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.”

World Health Organisation

At Saddleworth School, we aim to ensure that our curriculum allows the young people in our care to manage their wellbeing and achievement effectively and helps them become successful and happy adults who feel empowered and inspired to make a meaningful contribution to society. A key component in our endeavor to successfully achieve this aim is SPACE (Saddleworth School’s Personal, Academic, Cultural awareness, and Enrichment programme).

In SPACE we strive to achieve the following aims:

  • To help students develop feelings of self-respect, confidence, empathy, to foster a growth mindset and to build on their resilience.
  • To prepare students for puberty and give them an understanding of sexual development and the importance of health and hygiene.
  • To give young people the information they need to help them develop healthy, nurturing relationships of all kinds, not just intimate relationships.
  • To help students to make sensible and safe decisions now and in the future.
  • To promote the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ and explicitly discuss strategies for coping with exams, stressful situations and frustration with learning.
  • To ensure students are well informed and prepared for their next steps, future careers and the working world.

In Years 7-9 we focus on equipping students with the tools they need to successfully navigate their early teenage years with regards to their health, wellbeing and relationships. Where relationships education is concerned, students will focus on the nature of healthy familial and friendship based relationships and will learn about appropriate behaviours in more intimate relationships.

As students progress to Years 10-11, they will build on the foundations laid in the previous years, continuing to learn about health, wellbeing and relationships (progressing on to sex education and more intimate relationships).

Throughout Years 7-11 students will also consider the ‘wider world’ and their place within it.

Focus for Assessments:

  • Physical Health: Sleep, exercise, diet, drugs and their effects, personal hygiene.   
  • Wellbeing: Mental health, resilience, 5 ways to wellbeing.
  • Relationships: Respectful relationships, families, online relationships, intimate relationships.
  • Living in the Wider World: Careers, personal finance, tolerance for others, politics and the law.