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Fill your Potential



Every day our students wear the Saddleworth logo on their blazer and we expect them to do so with pride. This year we would also like to ask them to earn their badge and demonstrate the pride they have being part of Saddleworth School.

We have looked on many occasions what we would want from our student in a perfect world, what qualities they would hold and how we could create resilient learners.

In wishing to create the perfect ‘Saddleworth student’ as someone who embraces all the opportunities offered, that takes ownership of their own learning and has a desire to fulfil their potential, we have developed a reward structure to encourage this.  


Opportunities this half term


Coffee Morning takes place on Friday 29th September. Last year we took part in this and raised an amazing amount from the sale of cakes.

As we start to plan ahead for the upcoming year I am looking for a team of students to help run this. If you would be like to part if this team then please see Mrs McMurdo by Friday 222nd September so we can start our advertising campaign.

As well as helping make a difference to all those that benefit from the money it also provides you with a great opportunity to earn one of the petals on your Saddleworth Badge.


  • Raise £25 to support a charity
  • Take part in a charity event


  • Lead an event

Extra Curricular ACTIVTIES

This terms extra curricular booklet has been published and there are lots of opportunities offer across school. So whether you want to get some extra support or try something new then hopefully there will be something for you.

Regular commitment will help you fulfil one of your petals


  • Represent school in a competitive situation
  • Attend a new activity for a minimum of 1/2 term
  • Take part in a school production


  • Commit to an extra curricular activity for a minimum of a ½ term
  • Gain a nationally recognised skills award (music exam)


  • Complete 10 hours leadership experience
  • Volunteer 10 hours to help support a school extra curricular club

Saddleworth Wednesdays

School finishes at 1pm for students on a Wednesday. This offers students a period of time to take part in enrichment activities. We have worked closely with local providers to offer a coordinated programme of activities that you are able to take part in.

There is a designated section on the website to showcase Saddleworth Wednesday. It highlights all the activities taking place each half term and provides you with all the information needed to get involved.

Participation in this can help them earn one of the petals on your badge.

Click HERE to visit all that Saddleworth Wednesdays has to offer.


  • Attend a new activity for a minimum of 1/2 term


  • Commit to a Saddleworth Wednesday activity for a minimum of 1/2 term

Journalist Opportunities


Calling all young journalists and budding photographers. I am looking to build a team to help create the school voice magazine.

For anyone interested you are asked to come and register your interest so we can set our group up formally and assign departments and briefs.

As well as offering you a chance to enhance your CV you can also use it to evidence 1 of the following petals on your school badge.


  • Volunteer 10 hours of your time
  • Help showcase Saddleworth School to our wider community


  • Have a piece of work published


  • Write an article for the school magazine or website


Staff give freely their time to take trips to allow students to gain wider experiences. We have many trips scheduled this year and these sound very exciting.

Take a look on the trips section of the website to see what is on offer.


  • Go on a school trip/exchange

Open Evening

Once again we open our door to prospective parents on the 5th October. Who better to advertise our school than you. Subjects will all be planning the event and organising opportunities for the year 6’s to get involved and sample life at school. They will be looking to select students to support them, model and answer questions. If you have a love of a subject, why not volunteer?


  • Volunteer at a whole school event
  • Support a Primary event


  • Complete a visual project for display to improve the school environment


  • Help showcase Saddleworth School to our wider community

Presentation Evening


In celebration assemblies last year each subject teacher nominated their award winners. As a department now they have the hard task of identifying just one for each award across the whole year from all those shortlisted.

We will be delivering letters soon to those lucky students invited to presentation evening.

As well as those invited to attend to receive an award we will also be inviting some of our talented students to perform at the event. So musicians, dancers and talented individuals selected we hope you are able to join us to showcase our school to the wider community with pride.


  • Receive an award at Presentation evening
  • Receive a subject award (effort, progress or improvement)

Community (for those invited to perform)

  • Help showcase Saddleworth School to our wider community

Form Representative & Year councils

The start of the year offers lots of exciting opportunities. Student voice is very important in school and is something we take very seriously.

Very soon from tutors will be asking students to stand in the election of form representatives. These will form the year council.

There will be additional opportunities available to represent your year council on the whole school council and for Year 11’s to be appointed onto the prefect team or senior prefect team.


  • Apply to a position of responsibility


  • Take a role of responsibility in school
  • Stand in a debate or vote