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Tuesday 6th September, 2016

On Tuesday 6th September, a mini bus full of students set out for Manchester Velodrome. The day was roasting hot and we were all buzzing as we walked through the doors into the huge entrance of the stadium. What we didn’t realise though was that across the road from the Velodrome there was a large, exciting mountain bike course equipped with steep ramps, sharp ‘U’ bends and rocky slopes! We were kitted out with helmets and bikes before having our first ride. They started us off on a long, grassy slope, teaching us different techniques on how to change gears, create power and turn quickly and efficiently, before we advanced onto the first section of the course.

The first section of the course seemed awkward and tiring, and a few of us didn’t quite make it up our first ramps, but with persuasion and guidance from the helpful team, we all got it in little to no time!

The second part of the course looked a little scarier. However, it was great how they did it, because it was all connected together; so when you did the second part, you then had to go do the first part again as well, which made it quite a lot more tiring than doing it separately! I would say that the scariest part of the second course was the ramps because they got bigger, and bigger, and bigger as you went over them. But luckily we only did the first two.

Nearing the end of the day we all got by with only a few bumps and grazes, and at the end everyone got goodie a bag, inside some gifts including a little plastic flag and a water bottle, which was a nice surprise. We then all had to go back to class hot and sweaty, but we had little flags to fly, and a story to tell to all our classmates!

Student report by: Melissa Demsteader, Year 8 to fulfil her Aspire Petal by having ‘a piece of work published’.