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Newly Qualified Teacher Support


At Saddleworth School we run a positive and practical programme for Newly Qualified Teachers, through which we aim to facilitate and challenge the NQTs to ensure the successful completion of the induction year. NQTs have an entitlement to monitoring, support and assessment processes designed to help new teachers develop as confident professionals. The programme at Saddleworth School offers NQTs a wealth of valuable experiences as they enter into their teaching career: 

  • The opportunity to reflect critically upon their own learning journey whilst feeling empowered to work flexibly and creatively in their delivery of teaching and learning;
  • Regular timetabled meetings and training to support NQTs in recognising the importance of accountability, progress and outcomes;
  • A range of training and CPD opportunities, tailored to the individual needs of the NQTs;
  • A supportive environment where NQTs’ views and ideas are valued and acted upon.
  • Twilight sessions so that their induction training does not take them out of class in addition to the PPA time and 10% additional non-contact time they receive.