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Pupil Driven Review

The underpinning philosophy of the pupil driven review is that children are so much more than the sum of their grades. During the review student’s give a presentation to their parents, 3 of their friends, and one of their class teachers. In the presentation your child will talk about their progress in knowledge, but also their progress in terms of their personal and social skills - their ability to research, to work as part of a team and to show resilience in tackling a problem. Following the presentation the student and parent have a discussion with the class teacher about progress, achievements and targets for the forthcoming year. Most of all, the review is your child's chance to shine. To explain and celebrate what they have achieved over the year and to learn about the benefits of sharing that learning with others.

Parent Feedback 2017

This year’s pupil driven review days saw all pupils taking part in a review. Students in year 7 and 8 completed an extended essay as part of their EP course and reviewed their year so far. Pupils in year 9 discussed their options and reflected on what they needed to do to become ready for GCSEs. Year 10 pupils reflected on their progress this year and considered the important year ahead and their college options.

The quality of presentations given by the students was exceptionally high this year, with many teachers describing seeing the presentations as the highlight of their year. It was wonderful to see the confidence and enthusiasm of students and how eloquently they talked about their experiences over the last 12 months. Well done to all the students for the quality of reflection and level of work they have put in this year.

Thank you to parents for the overwhelmingly positive feedback provided after the PDRs. The most common comments on the feedback forms from parents were ‘so proud’ and ‘gave me a real insight into my child’s education’.

It was lovely to see how she has grown in confidence over the year and to hear her talk so enthusiastically about her learning/school life. The teacher was very encouraging and helped my child to set targets for the next year. The hour felt like a celebration of my child’s achievements. I think it is excellent as the preparation develops many skills and encourages children to reflect on their learning, progress and attitude to school.
— Parent

Please click on the students work to view the presentation they gave. Often these were accompanied with work or visual items which is hard to capture in this form.

Sophie Mull