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Expectations of Uniform

Students are expected to take pride in their uniform and appearance, creating a positive first impression of the school. Students are expected to take responsibility for their own appearance, upholding policy and showing themselves to have the highest standards at all times. All students are expected to wear the full uniform whilst travelling to and from school.

Students not complying with the expectations below may be sent home to change and/or rectify the situation; items which are non-uniform will be confiscated.


•    Girls may wear school trousers 

•    No motifs, branding, coloured stitching or other embellishments are allowed on belts and they must be black.

•    Saddleworth School blazer with pre-embroidered pocket badge.

•    Dark grey school trousers or a navy blue skirt. The trousers/skirt must not be fitted or a Lycra stretch material.

•    The only style of skirt acceptable is the regulation A-line school skirt. Skirts are to be no more than 3”/8cm above
the knee.

•    Shirt, (pale blue or white) to be worn with a school tie, or regulation blouse, (pale blue or white) with rever collar. Top buttons to be fastened and shirts must be tucked in at all times.

•    V-necked pullover or cardigan, in navy blue.

•    Plain socks (white, navy blue, grey or black) or plain, dark tights. Students are able to wear either but
under no circumstances should tights and socks be worn together.

•    Plain sturdy black leather shoes.

All students must wear plain black leather shoes that have no logos or white/coloured decorative elements. Boots and trainers are NOT allowed. Backless, suede or cloth footwear is totally inappropriate and can be a health and safety hazard when using the many staircases in school or when working in some classroom environments. 

We appreciate that many stockist market shoes as school shoes. Please see our additional guidance about acceptable footwear as here at Saddleworth some of these would not be acceptable.


Coats and other outdoor clothing is allowed in school but must not be worn inside the school building.

No items of non specified uniform is to be worn under the school blazer at any time.

Jewellery - Only the following jewellery is acceptable for school wear: 

•    A plain wrist watch.

•    Single STUD - one in the lobe of each ear no larger than 4mm diameter.

Make-up, nail polish and false nails are not permitted.


Pupils are only allowed to have natural hair colouring. Greens, blues, reds, silver-shades etc. are not allowed. Inappropriate fashion hairstyles are also not allowed. These include, very short ’crew-cut’ hairstyles, extreme styles, decorative shaved elements and motifs.




Additional guidance

•    Footwear must appear to be shoe like rather than trainer like.

•    Shoes made by sportswear manufacturers are deemed to be trainers.

•    Shoes that cover the ankle are deemed to be a boot.

•    A shoe marketed as a school shoe may not be acceptable at Saddleworth School.

Examples of Acceptable Shoes

PE Kit

Compulsory PE Kit
Students should wear suitable footwear for sport
Converse, Vans or similar fashion trainers are not appropriate.

Boys PE Kit
A. Unisex polo shirt with school logo.
D. Unisex shorts with school logo.
G. Navy football socks.


Girls PE Kit
A or C. Unisex polo shirt/fitted shirt with school logo*.
D or F. Unisex shorts/skort with school logo*.
White pair of socks.
*Any combination is permitted.

Additional PE Kit
B. Unisex hoody with school logo.
E. Unisex tracksuit.
These items are not compulsory but are strongly advised for the winter term.

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