Early Career Teachers (ECTs)

‘Expert teachers are made not born’

We are passionate about supporting Early Career Teachers to develop their confidence, subject knowledge, and pedagogical tools. We want the best for our young people and know that this means investing in our teachers. At Saddleworth, Early Career Teachers will learn from expert colleagues within the school and across the borough while they progress with the Early Career Framework. We work with East Manchester Teaching school hub and UCL to ensure teachers can hone their knowledge and skills to confidently refine their classroom practice, so students achieve excellently.

We have a designated ECT coordinator who oversees professional development and support. Each ECT receives a mentor on hand to support reflection, professional learning, and subject-specific expertise. We have a comprehensive library where teachers can read and reflect on effective research-based practices.

Some of the benefits:

  • Expert ECT induction tutor
  • Supportive mentor
  • Dedicated time off timetable to attend professional learning, have mentor meetings and complete UCL modules
  • Comprehensive CPD library
  • Access to accredited online courses through our National College membership
  • Carefully planned calendar to ensure that after school meetings and CPD are meaningful and manageable

Case study:

I am an ECT Year 2 in the MFL department. The ECT support at Saddleworth is brilliant. I have a timetabled weekly meeting with my mentor, where I get the opportunity to discuss the research to practice summaries from the self-directed study materials and we have a discussion about what I can do to improve on that aspect of pedagogy over the following week. My mentor is incredibly supportive, and I know I can go to him for any support or advice I need.

I’ve found the inquiry based professional development opportunities particularly useful. They have given me the space to reflect on an area of my practice that I wish to continually develop, and I have the opportunity to research and implement that particular pedagogical tool and then evaluate its impact on the learning and progress of my students. 

The face-to-face sessions with colleagues run by the teaching hub have been highly informative as we discuss several areas of teaching practice and how we implement them in our own settings. I have enjoyed discussing everything from MFL curriculum design to managing workload and have really appreciated the chance to network with fellow ECTs teaching within the Local Authority.  

S Cooper

ITT provision

We enjoy working with ITT students from all subject areas and a range of providers. ITT colleagues benefit from an expert ITT coordinator and a subject mentor who oversees their progression. Many of our mentors have completed an ‘expert mentoring’ course and had experience in leading professional learning and coaching colleagues to improve. ITT colleagues will be fully immersed in the school’s life; from experience in form times, team teaching our SPACE curriculum, to engaging with departmental meetings. It is always a pleasure to welcome ITT colleagues to work with our young people and help them to have a positive start in the profession.

Contact details:

AHT: Mrs R Sunderland – r.sunderland@saddleworthschool.org

ITT/ ECT Coordinator: Mr A Hazzledine – a.hazzledine@saddleworthschool.org