Careers Information

All students follow a planned programme of Careers Education, students will be provided with the opportunity to acquire and develop the necessary skills to research, analyse, and understand careers related information.

Students will be made aware of the value of learning, education, and qualifications, and they will be informed of the opportunities available to them in work, further education and training. Accessible careers related resources are provided to encourage independent research, and a fully qualified Careers Adviser (Positive Steps) is available to assist students in making informed decisions about their future.

The planned programme, impartial 1:1 advice and participation in both internal and external careers events allow students to become informed, ambitious and empowered to make choices about their own future.

“Young adults who recall four or more encounters with employers while at school are five times less likely to be NEET and earn on average, 18% more than peers who recall no such activities.”

Dr Anthony Mann, Director of Research and Policy, Education and Employers Taskforce