School Uniform


At Saddleworth School, we have the highest expectations for all of our students. This is underpinned by our belief that all students should be proud to attend Saddleworth School and should be role models within school and out in the wider community. Having excellent uniform is part of ‘The Saddleworth Way’.

  • I am READY for each day at school by arriving on time, with correct uniform and the required equipment for each lesson.
  • I am PROUD to be a Saddleworth School Student and take PRIDE in my appearance within school and in the community.

When joining Saddleworth School all students agree to be part of ‘The Saddleworth Way’, thus to abide by our Uniform Policy. We firmly believe that wearing a school uniform enables our students to feel pride in being a Saddleworth School student and establishes a sense of identity and unity amongst their peers. Wearing the school uniform also assists in the running of a safe school, where all students feel a sense of belonging to our school community.


  • Saddleworth School blazer with pre-embroidered pocket badge.
  • Shirt, (pale blue or white) to be worn with a school tie, or regulation blouse, (pale blue or white) with rever collar.  Top buttons to be fastened and shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Plain navy-blue V-necked pullover or cardigan.
  • Dark grey school trousers or a navy pleated skirt with school logo on.  (Skirts are to be no more than 8cm above the knee.) 
  • Optional: Plain black belts (No motifs, branding, coloured stitching, or other embellishments)
  • Plain ankle socks (white, navy blue, grey or black) or plain, dark tights.  (Students are able to wear either but under no circumstances should tights and socks be worn together.)
  • Plain, sturdy black leather shoes. (Please see additional guidance about acceptable school shoes)
  • An outdoor coat for use outside of the school building. (N.B. Hooded Jumpers/Denim and Leather Jackets and other fashion garments are not permitted).
  • Make up is not permitted at all for Year 7, 8 and 9 students and only discreet make up may be worn in Years 10 and 11.
  • Coloured nail polish is not permitted, nor are fake nails or false eyelashes.
  • Jewellery is restricted to one pair of small stud earrings and a watch.
  • Only badges awarded by the school may be worn.
  • Students are only allowed to have natural hair colouring (greens, blues, reds, pinks, silver-shades etc. are not allowed).
  • Inappropriate fashion hairstyles are also not allowed.  These include, very short ’crew-cut’ hairstyles, extreme styles, decorative shaved elements, and motifs.

Additional Guidance:

  • Trainers / shoe hybrid styles will not be considered appropriate footwear.
  • Shoes made by sportswear manufacturers are deemed to be trainers.
  • Shoes that cover the ankle are deemed to be a boot.
  • A shoe marketed as a school shoe may not be acceptable at Saddleworth School.
  • Canvas style shoes are not allowed.
  • Single Velcro styles, as shown, are permitted on a traditional upper.
  • Pump or ballerina styles must have a strap across to keep the foot secure.

School bag

  • Students are expected to have a school bag as part of their uniform.  A student’s school bag must be large enough to properly carry an A4 ring binder.   Smaller bags are not appropriate as a main school bag.

PE Expectations

  • Students must always bring their PE kit.  If you are excused from taking part physically, you must still get changed and be engaged in the learning of the lesson.
  • Sanctions are in place for when students forget items of their kit.
  • If students forget their PE kit, they are expected to wear a spare kit provided by the school.
  • The correct PE kit must always be brought to every lesson.
  • Any students with long hair are expected to bring a hair bobble to every lesson to tie their hair back.


Compulsory PE Kit
A. Unisex polo shirt with school logo.
B. Unisex shorts with school logo.
C. Navy football socks or white socks.

Additional PE Kit (Optional)
D. Unisex Quarter zip training top with
school logo
E. Unisex leggings with school logo
F. Tracksuit pants with school logo

Shin pads (recommended for football
& hockey)

Gum Shield (recommended for rugby,
hockey, cricket & softball)
These additional items are not compulsory
but are strongly advised for the winter term
and specific sporting activities.

Compulsory PE Footwear
Students should wear suitable trainers for
sport (Converse, Vans or similar fashion
trainers are not appropriate).

Other information

No jewellery to be worn at all in PE

Any pupils with long hair are expected
to bring a hair bobble to every lesson to
tie their hair back.

Dance Kit

Black Jazz Shoes OR Black Ballet Shoes OR bare feet 
PE legging with the school logo on 
PE Top with school logo on 
OFFICIAL Exam / performance recording dance attire

Plain black legging 

Black Jazz Shoes OR Black Ballet Shoes OR bare feet 

Base plain black Leotard


Where it is deemed that a student has not adhered to ‘The Saddleworth Way’ by failing to meet the uniform expectations outlined below, they may be dealt with in a number of ways, including:

  • Confiscation of Non-Uniform Items.
  • Communication home via Form Tutor.
  • Parental Meeting with Home School Leader.
  • Uniform Detention
  • Social Exclusion.
  • Uniform Report.
  • Internal Exclusion.
  • Fixed Term Exclusion.

In addition, the Headteacher reserves the right to send any student home who is deemed to be inappropriately dressed or presented for school.

As a parent / carer, you can monitor when your child has uniform or equipment concerns by logging onto ClassCharts and assessing the number of debits received for ‘UNIFORM / EQUIPMENT – U – READY’ and support by ensuring any issues are resolved and issuing a consequence at home as appropriate.


Below are the details for our official uniform suppliers.

Debonairs Uniform, Unit 15, Henshaw Street, Oldham OL1 1NH. Tel: 0161 620 0237.

Simply Schoolwear, 133 Chew Valley Road, Greenfield, Oldham OL3 7JN. Tel: 01457 872515.