The Petals Award

What is the PETALs Award?

The PETALS Award encourages and recognises students for engaging in the personal development programme of Saddleworth School, providing students with a plethora of opportunities to have new experiences, build up new skills, become aspirational learners, leaders and contribute to their community. It challenges students to step outside their comfort zone, building resilience and enthusiasm along the journey.

The PETALS Award is split into five separate petals…

  • Year 7: Community and Leadership
  • Year 8: Skill and Experience
  • Year 9: Aspire

Each term, students will choose which tasks they are going to complete to achieve the relevant PETAL. Each PETAL earned will be rewarded with credits, a certificate and a badge to be worn on student blazers with pride. Our celebrations occur in form time once a month to ensure that students get the recognition for their hard work on developing their own personal skills. The goal at the end of Key Stage 3 is to have competed all five petals and be awarded the full Saddleworth flower which is displayed on students’ blazers and recognised by the whole school community. Throughout Years 7, 8 and 9, students will be given opportunities to complete and catch up if they have been unable to achieve any of the petals.

Why are the PETALS important?

All students, parents, carers and staff at Saddleworth School are an essential part of the school and the wider community. Everyone is welcome and it is important that we know and feel that we belong.

Our school motto is ‘Aim High’ and the PETALS Award provides students with ample opportunities to develop the skills and personal qualities they will need to lead positive, healthy and successful lives. The PETALs are recognised in for students in KS4 and will support applications for student leadership and prefects, as well as support in college interviews and applications, as the programme provides students with the ability to become well rounded individuals who will be successful in all future endeavours.

It is the School’s mission ‘To empower and inspire’. The PETALS programme is the ideal springboard for students to take on new personal challenges that empowers them to be successful in KS4 and beyond, and inspire the students that will follow them. We aim for all students to feel part of the school community and at the end of the PETALs programme we want our students to feel confident in all aspects of their personal development as listed below.

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