Bus Timetable



From Monday 25th March school bus services across Greater Manchester will change under the new Bee Network bus franchise. We have been informed our schedule will remain the same, however buses and tickets may be different.

Further information will be posted on our website and at https://tfgm.com/ when more details are available.

If your child catches a bus to school please look at the timetable and make sure you know which bus will get them to school on time.  After school, most buses will leave at 3:15 pm from the bus turnaround within the school grounds.

The timetable is for school buses only.  Public buses are separate, and their timetables can be found on the TfGM website. However, please remember we finish at 3 o’clock and your may have to wait longer for a public bus.  We therefore recommend you buy a ticket, or weekly pass, from the relevant school bus operator or one which covers all buses.  Further information from TfGM is included with these notes and at their website.

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Many of our pupils live within a mile of Saddleworth and use this to their advantage by taking the healthy option and walking to school. Being aware of the dangers associated with busy road networks and practicing good road safety is the key to enjoying this practical transport method.


A growing number of children cycle to school, taking advantage of the secure and well covered bicycle cover in the undercroft at Friarmere.


Parents and carers are asked to be considerate of our local residents and other road users when dropping their children. Please note the new school drop off point on Huddersfield Road. Parents are not permitted to enter the school site to drop their children off unless with prior arrangements made as a result of special circumstances.


There are a number of buses that service Saddleworth School. (Please see the additional information provided on our website showing times and destinations to support the planning of your journey).

Helpful tips for catching the bus

If you believe that you may be eligible for free travel you must contact: 0161 244 1050 and speak to a member of the team at First Greater Manchester. Eligibility upon a number of factors.

It is important to note that all students aged between 11 and 16 need an igo pass to pay the concessionary fare on buses in Greater Manchester. This is regardless of whether they are travelling to school & are clearly in school uniform.

If you are new to public transport, it’s a good idea to find the stop you will be using so you are confident you know where to go on your first day. 

  • Make sure you have the correct pass and or money.
  • Remember to signal to the bus by putting your arm out as soon as you see the correct bus. If you don’t signal to the driver they will not stop.
  • Do not panic if a bus does not stop for you. Unfortunately if it is already full it is unable to do so. Another one will be along shortly. Please inform the office on arrival if this has impacted on your punctuality.