Welcome by the Headteacher

Our Ethos and Values

Saddleworth School has a rich and proud tradition of providing an outstanding education to the young people of Saddleworth and beyond.

For over 100 years it has enabled its young people to experience academic success whilst also providing a nurturing and supportive environment.

Saddleworth School is a community, we work and learn together, and we support and care for one another. It is this which makes Saddleworth School – unique and special.

Our mission at Saddleworth is ‘To Empower and Inspire’.

What this means is that we are ambitious for our students and strive to instil that sense of ambition in them.

We want all our students to find the things which capture their imagination, which get them excited about their futures and inspire them to strive for their very best.

Our goal is to harness the enormous potential of each and every young person, so they are empowered to have happy, successful and rich lives.

Mr Anderson