School Canteen

The school operates a cashless catering service where no cash is taken in the school canteen. This allows a much faster and effective operation at break and lunch times meaning more pupils can access the dining hall at these busy times.

Every pupil is given a personal account on the system. Accounts may be credited in the following way.

Online payment – using debit/credit card via parentpay

An account can be ‘topped-up’ as often as you wish by lump sum payments to cover a week, month or even a term which means you can avoid sending your child into school with money every day. The system uses biometric technology to register pupils, which works effectively in many schools.  An image of a fingerprint is taken and then converted into a mathematical algorithm.  The image is then discarded and only the numbers remain for identification. The numbers cannot be converted back into a fingerprint image and cannot be used by any other source for identification purposes.

Before we can re-register your child on the biometric system we have to gain your permission. If we do not receive your consent your child will be given a swipe card to use instead but please bear in mind that these can be lost or damaged and will cost £5 to replace. If your child qualifies for a free meal then their account will be automatically credited each day with the standard free meal amount. The credit can be used at the lunchtime session only and any unused balance does not carry forward to the next day. 

If you would like any further information on Biometrics and data collection please access the government guidance to schools.

If you would like to additional information on eligibility for means-tested free school meals of to make an application please click the link to Oldham Councils guidance

Please feel free to contact us should you have any concerns regarding your child’s dietary needs at:

Mrs P Speakes – Catering Manager via email

Download full copies of each respective menu below