Core Values and Ethos

Our Ethos

The chance to participate in learning is precious and we want all those who come to our school both to enjoy and to achieve at the highest level. The school is over 100 years old and has a proud tradition of enabling academic success whilst also nurturing rounded, happy and positive individuals who are excited about the future.

We are in the challenging and thrilling business of enabling young people to find and develop their talent. The key to this is building effective relationships for learning. That means children must have a voice, be valued and sit at the centre of all we do. It’s vital that children learn to listen, value the views of others and improve their own thinking. We are developing the curriculum, our teaching and assessment so that it is fit for purpose and nurtures self-esteem, self-discipline and confidence.

Ultimately, we want children to leave our school feeling happy; inspired and empowered. We want to work with parents, carers, pupils and colleagues who share that ambition.

Some Core Values

We are committed to creating a caring and well-ordered environment where mutual respect is present in all interactions. We want to help children to find and nurture their talent and to understand themselves and others. By doing so we will enable pupils to think for themselves and make informed judgments. We will encourage children to develop their personal moral, social and cultural awareness and to live out their values in their lives.

None of this would be possible if we do not build open and authentic relationships with families who share our values and commit to a consistent approach. Children learn best when they have clear, unambiguous reference points; sometimes the most loving parent is the one who says ‘no’. As in any relationship, there may well be times when families disagree with how the school has dealt with an issue. We ask families not to discuss this difference of opinion with their child until they have explored it with colleagues at school.

We enjoy excellent links with wonderful families as well as others in the wider community including health professionals, the police and employers. We want to create a welcoming and productive working environment that can be enjoyed by all who come to the school and to develop a curriculum further so that it prepares pupils for the diverse experiences and responsibilities of adult life.