“Drama helped me to come to terms with, and realise a lot about, who I am. It gave me a creative outlet to be my best self.”

Former Saddleworth School student

“When I was doing school plays, I loved it so much I didn’t want it to end. I feel like I’m exactly the same as when I was doing plays at school, to be honest.”

James Corden

The Drama Department strives to ensure that every student has the opportunity to discover a talent in, and a love for, drama. To work on what it is to be human – to work with other people, to learn to trust other people, to come together with different opinions but work together productively. The department will:

  • Establish the conditions for excellence by sharing my passion and communicating a sense of joy in what the students and I are doing in lessons. Adopt strategies that will couple rigour with intrinsic motivation, build great relationships and celebrate achievement. The curriculum is planned to ensure progress by planning steps in the learning process.
  • Build the knowledge structure through great teaching and planning, by explaining, modelling, practising, questioning and using feedback and assessment.
  • Explore the possibilities through hands on, practical learning where pupils can be creative, tasks are more open and there is room for ambiguity and uncertainty with students exploring and justifying.

In Years 7-9 we focus on building skills, language, confidence and creativity. In Years 10-11 we continue to build on skills, going into greater depth, preparing students for their NEAs and examination and, most importantly, for life beyond school.

Focus for Assessments:

  • Collaboration and Participation
  • Devising and Creating
  • Performing
  • Analysis and Evaluation
  • Dramatic Knowledge