Careers Programme

 Autumn TermSpring TermSummer TermGatsby BenchmarksWhole school opportunities
Year 7  Careers Form sessions:  
1)        Changes
2)        What have you achieved?
3)        What influences me?
4)        What are you like?
5)        Skills for like
6)        How do you learn?
7)        This is me
8)        What is work?

Assembly – National Careers Week
Encounters Assembly1, 2, 3Assembly – National Careers Week  

Encounters Assembly- Police / NHS (apprenticeships / T levels focus)

Enterprise activity
Year 8Careers Form sessions:    
1)         Think of the future
2)         Apprenticeships
3)         Are school and work different?
4)         What do you want from work?
5)         Job families – sectors
6)         Challenging stereotypes
7)         Budgeting
8)         Budget planner
Assembly – National Careers Week   1, 2, 3,Assembly – National Careers Week

Encounters Assembly- British Heart Foundation / STEM ambassadors / Guinness Housing Company (Apprenticeships / T levels focus)
Year 9SPACE Lessons – Apprenticeships and Labour Market Information  Careers Week
SPACE Lessons – Options and Pathways.
World of Work event
Options Assembly
Assembly – National Careers Week  
SPACE Lessons – Introduction to finance – savings, borrowing, debt, taking risks.1, 2, 3,Assembly – National Careers Week
Pathways Process
World of Work
Year 10 Careers Week
SPACE Lessons – Preparing for work experience.
Assembly – National Careers Week  
1-1 Career interviews  
SPACE – what are employers looking for? Applying for jobs, interview skills.  
Mock Interviews College
Taster Day
Work Experience
1-1 Career interviews  
1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8Assembly – National Careers Week  
Apprenticeship Week  
Careers Fair  
Mock Interviews
Year 11SPACE lessons – Pathways, Personal Statement and Applying to college.
Careers Fair – Pathways video for Parents.  
Weekly Careers ‘drop in’ sessions – applying to college and apprenticeships
Apprenticeship Workshop
1-1 Career interviews
Careers Week
SPACE lessons – From school to Life (Savings, Budgeting, Spending and Borrowing)
Assembly – National Careers Week  
Apprenticeship Drop-in sessions
Student Support-college applications
College interviews
1-1 Career interviews
1-1 Career interviews1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8Assembly – National Careers Week  
Apprenticeship Week  
Careers Fair

Careers across the School

  • Business Lunches – We regularly hold ‘Business Lunches’ in school to give students the opportunity to meet people from the world of work and find out about jobs and routes to entry.
  • Careers Noticeboard
  • National Careers Week
  • Assemblies
  • National Apprenticeship Week